Fresh Blood / Old Skin

by The Border Band

Released 2015
Released 2015
Up from the roots into the wind, our music spans the borders of theme, time, and place to rock-on through rage and ruin.
Fresh Blood/Old Skin was greatly inspired by our bass player, Hugh Campbell, a young man of proud Navajo heritage and stout Scottish name. No stranger to borders, child of the desert Southwest come to age in River City, Kansas, he moves like a Skin-Walker between cultures, time, and place to bring an intriguing mix of power, passion, and tender yearning in his songs. He’s been with us nearly three years – give him a listen and I think you’ll see why we were pleased to add his fresh blood to our old skin... (Disc 1, Fresh Blood, all songs by Hugh Campbell -- Disc 2, Old Skin, all songs by M. Litton)

The Border Band is a four-piece group with M. Litton on vocals and rhythm guitar; Hugh Campbell on vocals, bass, and guitar; Dave Melody on drums; and Roger Holden on lead guitar. We play a raw mix of rock, folk, country, and blues, which we call “Rawhide Rock” because it’s fresh-skinned, still dripping blood, hasn’t been processed to fit any certain form. We’ve got songs high-peaked and treacherous as the Rockies, lonely and hunted as the Badlands, and gentle rolling as a spring pasture in first bloom. A varied terrain, no doubt, but sure and certain as the dust, rocks, and wind of which they’re formed.

As the reviewer from Village Records said of our 4th CD, IT'S A SHORT LIFE: "This group has the perfect name. Their music straddles all aspects of Americana and the forefathers of the genre. Albums like this are not meant for radio programmers and focus groups. It is meant for drivers of rust colored pick-up trucks that have old mangled chrome bumpers, and past their prime cars with big engines. You'll find these parked outside of end of the trail roadhouses, not Starbucks. For this all new recording they don't get above their raising and deliver another alt-country classic..."

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