From the recording It's a Short Life

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Dave Melody - lead vocal


5) Another Cold Cold Beer

There was a time I didn’t drink so much beer
My neighbor called me “Mister,” my woman called me “Dear…”
Now high above the avenue I watch the neon through the rain
Beneath the sky I see my life is cut through with stain

She said, “For you my precious there ain’t nothin’ I won’t do
“Turn to the right, to the left, I’d turn inside out for you…”
But I gambled on her love, I was not true
She said, “Oh no, you go, I won’t turn my back for you…”

Chorus: Another cold, cold beer, amber tears in the rain
Bring back her memory, sharpen the pain
I keep whiskey and laudanum locked in the drawer
The day’s gonna come I’ll need something more

It will soon be Halloween and everyone is running scared
Behind the autumn’s colored mask waits the winter’s cold ol’ stare
The birds they’ve flown south, the corn’s in the shed
The scarecrow still stands there though he’s a long time been dead