"There's just one voice and one guitar, but it's full of folk and blues, that of Woody, Ramblin’Jack or Leadbelly and it's exciting as the discovery of a bootleg of Dylan in the sixties..." -- Same Pierre, Le Cri du Coyote (France)

"Immediately made me think of Blaze Foley and Townes Van Zandt's musical creations...a simplicity that balances to the sublime interface." -- Micheles Kindh, Blaskans vänner (Sweden) 

"A 4CD retrospective dripping in strip-backed quality...this is perfect for anyone whose collection includes the likes of Guthrie, Seeger, Ramblin' Jack Elliott, Lead Belly, Doc Watson, Elizabeth Cotton and their ilk, alongside whom, Litton can stand tall." -- Mike Davies, FATEA , Birmingham, UK ( 

"Melvin Litton is 70 and has spent a lifetime as The Gothic Cowboy. That had completely eluded me, I must confess, but now there is a quadruple CD with recordings made on a portable cassette recorder between 1978 and 1984, and I am an instant fan for life. Relaxed songs, great guitar playing, and after almost four hours I still don't have enough. Fantastic!" -- Moors Magazine (Netherlands) 

"Bare Bones is an authentic musical biography, unmistakably related to a blues pioneer like Leadbelly and the authentic folk and country of Dylan, Jimmie Rodgers and Hank Williams. It does takes some persistence to sit out the complete listening session, 56 unpolished tracks supported only by an acoustic guitar. Some dosage is recommended to fully appreciate the oeuvre of this young troubadour who at the time sought his own way in solitude..." -- Cis van Looy, Written in Music (Netherlands)

BETWEEN THE wARS reviews (2020-2021)

The Rustic Heartworn Highway is Re-Opened…PHWOAR! I was totally engrossed straight from opening track Border Blues, a ‘song of our times’…in the vein of Townes Van Zandt and Guy Clark. Everything from Litton’s weary and grizzled voice through the rusty yet sharp lyrics and story and coming out with a minimal production that makes every note and word as clear as a mountain stream. This is Folk Music at its finest…” - Alan Harrison

The Rocking Magpie (UK)

Murder ballads score high in terms of attractiveness in country folk. Melvin's raw voice impresses and triggers. And musically Dan Hermreck conquers every sceptic with his virtuoso mandolin. A successful combination that now translates into this collection of captivating acoustic songs. Highly recommended …” - Marino Serdons

Keys and Chords (Belgium)

Melvin Litton's vocals have been compared to JOHNNY CASH American Recordings, which I certainly agree with, but also Bob Dylan / Neil Young during their acoustic moments. Good arrangements with talented fellow musicians...”

Musikbloggen (Sweden)

Somewhere between Bob Dylan and Townes Van Zandt, he takes us on a journey both in space (or rather the great outdoors of America) and back in time, finding his inspiration in books or articles more than a century old (Montana Bound, Caspion & The White Buffalo) as well as in various facts behind superb murder ballads (Pretty Mary, Murder Of Bob Rose, of nearly 10 minutes, and Cold Ohio City #2). The album is captivating from start to finish and Melvin Litton is a perfect example of the best that American folk can offer. Indispensable! -- Le Crie du Coyote (France)” - Sam Pierre

Le Crie du Coyote (France)

Love your solo album, there are so many great songs in a vein reminding me of the best Texan singing songwriting...Guy Clark, Butch Hancock, and the like. Will include "Between The Wars" in my next list for the EuroAmericana chart !!” - Massimo Ferro

Highway 61 (Italy)

Tired of drums, electronics, programming, distal pedals and wailing? A desire to once again hunt for traditional, acoustic prairies? Then the double album Between The Wars with The Gothic Cowboy & Mando Dan may be just what you are looking for…listen to it, at least if you love dark americana where the stories are the focus. Here are killer ballads based on real events, songs that take place now and in the past, here and there in time and space. The Gothic Cowboy’s raspy, ruddy, dark voice stands for all guidance. This music is down to earth, American, traditional and absolutely no glitter, glamor, or rock ‘n roll. Do you like the albums Johnny Cash made towards the end of his life (and doesn’t everyone?), Townes van Zandt, Bob Dylan and Neil Young's acoustic moments, there is every reason to give The Gothic Cowboy & Mando Dan an honest chance…” - Robban Rytman

Zero Music Magazine (Sweden)

Straight from the get go you know what you’re getting here, a gruff/lived-in voice backed by guitar and mandolin. In the way that in previous times folk music was a means of spreading folk tales and stories, you listen to these stories of the darker characters who inhabit the songs…dip in and sample the delights of these hard, rough-hewn, stripped-back lessons in life...” - Stephen Rapid

— Lonesome Highway (Ireland)

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