From the recording Between the Wars

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The Devil’s Daughter

One July evening I was feeling down
I went to the circus that had come to town
Watched all the grand festivities
Though I stayed alone like a guilty thief
I stood by the Gypsy wagon all through the horse parade
Watched the colors flow through light ‘n shade
But when the big-top music had finally died
I noticed this lovely lady dancing at my side

She came to me when the circus closed
In a white silk dress and black silk hose
She had a moonlight rogue and lilac breath
She swayed like a willow underneath her dress
She said, What’s this you’ve got hidden in your eyes
Is it something that I might finalize
I said, Yeah, well maybe…I’m just a country fool
She said, I can read your mind, boy, let’s stop playing by the rules

Now the Devil’s daughter, some say she’s cruel
But she come to me like a gentle girl
She said, I’m out on loan, your gal’s out of reach
If you come with me, my boy, I can make it easy
You know the favorite child of God prayed ‘neath the moon
So why should we not play beneath it too
And press our bodies like his folded hands
You know even the Devil’s daughter sometimes she needs a man

We waltzed through the moonlight, the garden and the feast
We fell ‘neath the lamppost of a late-night street
She pointed to the neon glow, she laughed and said
Is this forbidden fruit or you’re Golden Calf
I said, it’s both then neither nor exactly the same
Just a place where night can’t enter, a torch without a flame
Well she said, If that’s morality, best save it for your ladies
It’s enough you’re gonna die alone but to sleep that way is just crazy

She took me to her wagon, she washed my feet
I felt like a god of ancient Greece
When the light of the morning began to burn
She looked to me and said, You must return
For I knew that you would want to go back home
So I made it easy for you to find the road
Just ride up to the sign that reads Life or Death
Then take the path that leads to the ones you love the best

O the Devil’s daughter, some say she’s cruel
But she come to me like a gentle girl…