Part mystery and part myth born of fact and rumor left buried in the Kansas dirt. The story opens with a murder as desperate as the voice that stirs from the dust in witness. This voice, or knowing, haunts a young man, Faris Clayton, who will play in events to come. Time and place, 1934, Elim, Kansas. The action involves six gamblers initially robbed and a seventh absent that fateful night who is killed through foolish mischance. And whose older brother vows vengeance. Amid the swirl of death two farm families, the Claytons and the Wales, struggle to survive the drought and depression. Faris knows the gamblers, the victim, and the widow. Guesses the why of things and carries the burden of his knowing. Vera Ellen Wales, or Elle, stands at a greater remove and innocence. Enters the story a girl of 14 and matures into a young woman of 16 when she and Faris finally meet and lace hands. Meanwhile in Elim, guilt and madness play to the final scene 

"In Litton's trilogy-concluding thriller, an evil presence holds a small Kansas town in its grip...the specter of death hangs over the novel from the opening scene..." — Kirkus Reviews 

"To call Skin for Skin a mystery or suspense piece would be both accurate and an injustice. Based on real events which cement the historical value of this novel, it is as vivid in its recreation of the 1930s as it is in its probe of mercurial intentions and changing worlds..."  — D. Donovan, Sr. Reviewer, Midwest Book Review