From the recording Fresh Blood / Old Skin

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Dave Melody - lead vocal


4) Louisiana Nights – m.litton

These Louisiana nights seem so cold
All these Southern gals are pretty but I’m so shy
Can’t they tell by the way I look at them
That I don’t wanna be lonely tonight
Please don’t leave me lonely tonight

Outside the traffic rolls on like a river
The streetlamp glows just like a moon
The rain starts to fall and I shiver
As her eyes say Hello, how are you
Ain’t got much to say, suppose I’ll say How d’ya do

Chorus: This lover in my heart like the shadows on the wall
Are gonna call for you
I’ll whisper like the breeze ‘n hope you might see
My eyes following you
Oh Louisiana nights, what a long, long way to roam
Louisiana nights, she’s so far away ‘n I feel just like a ghost
Oh yeah, like a ghost...

Yes, it’s plain that many men have hurt you
Did you try too hard to please?
I can see where you’ve been ‘n you’re a giver
Now won’t you give your warm lovin’ to me
I won’t break your heart, I won’t steal your dreams