READERS! Received a fine review in BookTrib by Peggy Kurkowski (member of the National Book Critics Circle) of my new novel KING HARVEST - Book 1, The Kansas Murder Trilogy! Check the brief blurb below and/or click link for the full review. If interested, you can buy the book online at Amazon or order from any independent bookstore near you. Thanks! 

"Flavored in Western-style language and adventure, giving the 'high' in High Plains Drifter an entirely new meaning...Litton delivers an atmospheric modern day cowboy story, replacing the horses with beat-up Fords and Chevys and the tobacco-chewing bronc-buster with joint-smoking soldiers-turned-philosophers. King Harvest is rich in characters and backstory, adding multiple layers to a straightforward conceit: choices have consequences, and they often reap the whirlwind. Readers will look forward to the second installment of the trilogy, which promises a new time, characters and story." -- BookTrib, Peggy Kurkowski (member of National Book Critics Circle)


As you likely know from browsing these Gothic pages, I also write books.  Proud to announce that THE KANSAS MURDER TRILOGY will be forthcoming in 2022 from Crossroad Press.  KING HARVEST, Book 1 (release date Jan. 25th) is already available for preorder at Amazon, B&N, Apple, Google, and Kobo.  BANKS OF THE RIVER, Book 2, will be out in late winter or early spring; and you can expect Book 3, SKIN FOR SKIN, by next summer.  If interested please take a look and perhaps try a sample at  Thanks!

The Gothic Cowboy returns: 

Hi, here with a bit o' news to tickle your fancy. Like most folks in 2020 I been holed up for quite a spell, but busy. Have a new CD "Bare Bones" aimed for release in early October, a 4-disc set of 56 songs, subtitled "Chance, Folly, Desire & Dream" - best described by the liner notes on the back cover: “These songs, just vocal and guitar, recorded in ’78, ’79, ’81, and ’84 on a portable cassette, are remnants and revenants from my roaring 20s and dirty 30s, when it finally dawned on me that singin’ in bars

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The Gothic Cowboy says: 

Long time no news. Retired the Border Band in 2016 (back too weak 'n gigs too lean), returned to my origins riding solo as The Gothic Cowboy. Soon picked up a sideman, Mandolin Dan Hermreck, and we've been partnered ever since.  Recently (September 16, 2019) we released a 26-song double disc, "Between the Wars."  You might check it out. But here's the BIG news -- yesterday I signed with Peter Holmstedt (Hemifran in Sweden), who'll be handling European publicity for the music.  No telling what will come of…

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Script from the Old Skin: 

Just a heads-up to introduce our new website along with the release of our 5th album (to be delivered Monday, Nov. 23, 2015), a double disc titled Fresh Blood/Old Skin.  We’ve spent the better part of the past two years in this 27-song effort – all greatly inspired by our 9th, and last, bass player, Hugh Campbell, a young man of proud Navajo heritage and stout Scottish name.  No stranger to borders, child of the desert Southwest come to age in River City (Lawrence), Kansas, he moves like a SkinWalker

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