From the recording Hard West (double CD)


26) Champagne In The Saddle

Been a month in the saddle, roundin’ up the doggies
Roped ‘em down to brand ‘em then drove ‘em to the rails
There the boss said to the foreman, “Take the boys out on the town
“We’ll meet up come sunup back out on the trail...”

Chorus: Sippin’ champagne in the saddle alone...

Now those dancehall ladies have eyes for the drover
They’ll lean on your shoulder, they’ll fall in your arms
But when your pockets are empty they’ll waltz away sober
Leave you dancin’ with the bottle ‘n an achin’ empty heart

Bridge: When a cowboy dreams at night out on the trail
There’s a lovely, lovely lady in a fancy hotel
He takes her in his arms as they dance across the floor
He carries her up the stairs thru the door of his room
But then he hears that lone coyote howlin' at the moon

It’s time that I’m leavin’ for the mornin’ comes creepin’
Take this half-empty bottle, bid you ladies adieu
Hold the bottle to the moonlight, see the bottle’s nearly empty
Just another dead soldier to lay beneath the moon