The Gothic Cowboy returns:

Hi, here with a bit o' news to tickle your fancy. Like most folks in 2020 I been holed up for quite a spell, but busy. Have a new CD "Bare Bones" aimed for release in early October, a 4-disc set of 56 songs, subtitled "Chance, Folly, Desire & Dream" - best described by the liner notes on the back cover: “These songs, just vocal and guitar, recorded in ’78, ’79, ’81, and ’84 on a portable cassette, are remnants and revenants from my roaring 20s and dirty 30s, when it finally dawned on me that singin’ in bars would not feed my family and I’d need to hammer nails the rest of my days. But I done it ‘n did it with a few good days to spare and these songs laid down like jailhouse cards, off-brand, crimped, scuffed, but there’s a full deck here. High cards ‘n low, cut ‘n deal ‘em anyway you like, one at a time or fan ‘em forth in play of chance, folly, desire, and dream. Mix ‘n shuffle, match a pair, make a full house, mayhap find you a flush, for sure a worn Ace or lowly deuce. And you can bet there’s a joker or two in the bunch. So ante up, all you gotta do is hit ‘play’ to conjure the whisperings of Bare Bones…”