From the recording Fresh Blood / Old Skin

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6) Talkin’ Old Times – m.litton

Yeah I’m talkin’ ‘bout them old times
Old friends I once knew
Talkin’ ‘bout them old times
They were wild and crazy times too
We thundered down a hundred roads
In V-8 Fords ‘n Chevy cars
Thundered down ol’ thunder road
Like we owned the night ‘n all the stars
And we drank each bottle dry, oh yeah
Threw ‘em up at the moon
Swore we’d rather die than live a lie
And what we swore we swore was true

Chorus: And the boys ‘n girls down by the river danced
While the drums beat on and the guitars jammed

Yeah, talkin’ about them old times
They played that old time Rock ‘n Roll
“Green River” “Summer Time” ‘n “Wild Thing”
And them wild things stole the show
Man, how ‘bout them long hot summer nights
When the sweat and music brewed
Till the soft wind touched you skin to skin
And that deep fever was soothed

Talkin’ about them old times
When red was better dead and we were red, white ‘n blues
God still ruled the heavens, boys
Before man stepped down on the moon
And how about that golden summer
When Maris hit over 60 homes
Didn’t need no steroids back then
Just a good eye, guts ‘n tobacco
But them were also dark ‘n angry times
From the riots to Vietnam
So many marched, so many died
So many never really gave a damn

Yeah, talkin’ about them old times
See that sun a’fadin’ fast
My long ol’ night’ll be comin’ on
You can curse, weep or laugh
Yeah, been talkin’ ‘bout them old times
Guess I’m an old-timer name
Lived a dream and woke to find
So many old friends in the ground

Still the boys ‘n girls down by the river dance
While the drums beat on and the guitars jam...