From the recording Between the Wars

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Border Blues

You started out one morning, you faced the dust ‘n wind
The desert sun was bearing down, you swore you’d never bend
You passed by many pilgrims fallen in the sand
Their skull ‘n bones and broken dreams line the borders of this land

You’ve got your regrets, yeah, you’ve got your deceits
You’ve been on the trail so long, you’ve forgotten what you seek
The moon is on the skyline, the wind is howling low
The shadows of nightfall echo the borders of your soul

(chorus): You’ve got the border blues, border blues
Stare into the bottle, fade in the ruins
Of those border blues, border blues
She’ll find another victim and never leave a clue

You met out on the edge one night, she offered you her flesh
Her movements so catlike it stole your very breath
She whispered for you to come, to come to her and play
And feed her your passion on the border where she lays

Now you enter her heartless room up that back-alley stair
Where the door eclipses the light of day, you search but she’s not there
The depot is silent, and the train no longer comes
From day to day you pace ‘n wait on another border run

The memory keeps gnawing like a rodent in the wall
A melody, an imagery that shatters as you fall
You gather all the pieces like drops of gutter wine
To dull the bitter ache of these lonely border nights

She stood there at the window as the evening sky burned red
She reached to draw the curtain and nothing more was said
Now the past is on you and gaining every day
Best hide your tracks, ride hard, boy, slip the border, get away

From those border blues, border blues…