From the recording It's a Short Life


1) A Long Long Way

We live a fable, we live a dream, in this sweet land of liberty
You’re free to doubt, free to believe, all in America all are free
We come from Africa, from Native tribes
From Ireland, Germany, Judean scribes
Italy, Spain, Russia, China too
All are Americans, me ‘n you

Chorus: And I wanna love and live a long long day
‘Cause we still need to go a long long way

We’ve done some wrong, we’ve done some right
There’s still much to do with all our might
If there’s ever justice beneath the stars
It beats deep in the American heart
Some claim they know, others ask
All live in question beneath the same blue sky
We plow ‘n plant the same hard earth
Out of many comes our nation’s birth

Bridge: Sunrise on an empty street, gray sky starts to glow
A bus rolls to a stop, a young soldier is coming home
In the American night, on the American shore
To the American dream...

You may be Chicano or a big cowboy
Come from Montana or old Detroit
From the Rocky Mountains to the shining sea
All are Americans, you ‘n me