From the recording Rootless Seed

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Bottleggin’ Lady
M. Litton

I should of went to prison, should of went to jail
Went with her to heaven, now I’m back in hell, O Lord
You’ll find hot water in most every pot
You think you’re free and then you’re really caught
Uh-huh, oh-ho, oh yeah...
Pappa told me, mamma told, brother told me, sister told me
They all told me, “Watch that woman can be so cruel
“You’ll start out feelin’ like a prince
“And end up lookin’ just like a fool...”

I cry sweet Jesus each and every mornin’
It’s still the devil every night
Y’all can stare at the noonday sun
I’d rather gaze into her eyes...

Bootleggin’ Lady don’t walk on by
Bootleggin’ Lady my throat’s dry
Some like their whiskey, some like their booze
Me, I just like you
I got no sense, got no lovin’, ain’t got no luck
Just a dollar for a bottle and an old pickup
And oh, I believe it’s true
I’d dig the gold between my teeth to pay for you

Bootleggin’ Lady is the devil’s child
Bootleggin’ Lady is wild
She’s got long lean legs and long black hair
Anything ya think she’ll dare
She’ll stop a locamotive on a dime
She’ll lift you face from the hand of time
She’ll come around when the moon shines on the river
And lead you down
Singing, “Bootleggin’ Lady my throat’s dry...”

Just lay two dollars down by the bushes
She’ll answer your wishes
Bootleggin’ Lady gonna set you free, forget your misery
When it’s hot in the shade and hell in the field
The well’s gone dry and your jug needs filled
She’ll call your name in the wind
And if you go to her you’ll feel no pain

Bootleggin’ Lady don’t walk on by
Bootleggin’ Lady my throat’s dry...