From the recording Hard West (double CD)


3) Boxcars ‘n Boneyards
m.litton & robb popp

He’s eased down from a boxcar, he limped along a track
All he owned was a walkin’ cane ‘n the clothes on his back
Long ‘n lean as the shadows etched in the settin’ sun
He creased his hungry eyes at me
And said, “I’m an old soldier on the run...”
We slipped into a side saloon where they played a rockin’ song
He sipped the beer I bought for him ‘n tapped his foot along
He said, “I summered up in Alaska, been a month now southern bound
“Fixin’ for to winter, boy, in a Tex-Mex border town...”

Chorus: “And it’s boxcars ‘n boneyards, smoked out ol’ cigars
“Empty whiskey bottles like memories shot away
“There’s a cold wind a’blowin’ down the road I’m a’goin’
“It’s boxcars ‘n boneyards and old dog’s grave

“I got this wound in ’68 smack-dab in Vietnam
“They served a fete for us at Tete
“It was blam...blam-blam-blam!
“Not one of them Rockefellers even knew our names
“They sent us off to fight for them
“And it’s a shame, shame, shame

“I once had a peachy woman, thought I held a winning hand
“Sweet as brandy on my tongue ‘n swore I was her man
“She left me stomped down in an alley
“Like a damned ol’ stray dog
“Took up with a preacher to praise Jesus every song...”