From the recording Between the Wars

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Caspion & the White Buffalo

In the year of 18 ‘n 71, Jim Caspion and Sam Tillman did go
Away out on the western Kansas plains to hunt for the wild buffalo
On October 12th in late afternoon, from a view along a ridge
It was Caspion who spied the Great Southern Herd
And a white bull that grazed at the edge

As the sun fell west and shadows grew
Fifty Cheyenne warriors rode out of the blue

The warriors quickly rode Tillman to the ground
He fought but he never had a chance
When the Cheyenne turned to come for Caspion, boys
A scalp was help up high on their lance

Hai-ya, hai-ya, hai-ya, hai-ya-oh…

First he reined his horse right then he reined him left
And looking back he set both spurs
Then Caspion gave his horse its head
And rode straight into that mighty herd
Now that great brown sea of buffalo roared
As the stampede pressed him in
Before the dust closed around he saw the Cheyenne ride
Upon the crest of the hill where he had been

Like a storm they ran with tongues aflame
As the broad black beast burned all across the plain

Hai-ya, hai-ya, hai-ya, hai-ya-oh…

There was thunder in the ground as the night came down
As the buffalo drove and rushed
And a prayer on the lips of Caspion, boys
As he rode on blind through the dust

Hai-ya, hai-ya, hai-ya, hai-ya-oh…

Well the sky blew clear and the full moon shone
And on and on ran the stream
It was then that he spied the white buffalo again
Just before it fell into a deep ravine
There was several hundred head crowded o’er that edge
Before the valley opened wide
Where Caspion reined his horse away
And found some rocks for to bed down behind

In an army blanket made of wool
He lay dreaming of that pure white buffalo
Lay dreaming, dreaming of the white buffalo

In the morning light he rode back to the gulch
Where the buffalo had fallen in
There he found the white bull with a broken leg
So he shot him then he took his skin

Hai-ya, hai-ya, hai-ya, hai-ya-oh…

He made a robe, a robe of the white buffalo
Made a robe, a robe of the white buffalo

Through five long years Caspion kept that robe
Believing it was good medicine
For he felt that the power of the white buffalo
Had led him safe from the wild Cheyenne
But on a drinking spree out in Fort Lyons, boys
He sold that robe for a hundred dollar bill
And the following spring down in New Mexico
While hunting buffalo Caspion was killed

As the sun fell west and shadows grew
The Comanche warriors rode out of the blue

Hai-ya, hai-ya, hai-ya, hai-ya-oh…