1. Day Job

From the recording Hard West (double CD)

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2) Day Job

Hey listen to a common story
I work a day job, man, it’s boring
Forget your dreams ‘n pray it matters
And dream you’re happy ever after
Now there’s a blue sky ‘n trout stream
Up in my Rocky Mountain day dream
Been so long I can’t remember
Since I hiked above the timber

Chorus: I’ve laid the tracks out of Ol’ Moline
Drilled for oil off of New Orleans
Poured concrete up in Chicago
Worked Detroit factories
Lord, I’ve rocked ‘n I’ve rolled
But I’m still workin’ a day job
They’ve got me prayin’ to the Lord God
Got my dreams on lay away
A dream is just a day away, they do say
But I’m still workin’ a day job today

Got me playin’ the state lottery
Got me dreamin’ of a spending spree
Spend a dollar, buy a little hope
Scratch the number, read the daily joke
Say, I ran into an old friend
He laughed at me, I laughed back at me
Started spittin’ out our sour grapes
Never guessed this would be our fate

Bridge: Seems like every Monday morning
Keeps rollin’ on back
Like a damned ol’ freight train
And you’re tied to the track
Here comes that ol’ train...

Keep bankin’ on the next crop, farmer
Keep truckin’ and you don’t stop, trucker
Belly up and ‘bout to bankrupt, boss
Workin’ night ‘n day to catch up, hoss
They got us workin’ all this overtime
Got me starin’ at the ol’ white line
Like to stop ‘n see the Milky Way
Tired of racin’ down this ol’ highway