1. Dead End Road

From the recording Hard West (double CD)

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8) Dead End Road

Searching for freedom, rollin’ down the freeway
Takin’ every chance, boy, goin’ all the way
Took a shoot of whiskey just to warm our veins
Turned up the music, roarin’ down the fast lane

With nothing to believe in, we’d set the world on fire
Racing each curve, boy, higher ‘n higher
Then we crashed like lightnin’, now my friends lay cold
Found out the fast lane was a dead end road

Chorus: It’s a dead-end road, let the devil take it, friend
It’s a dead-end road, ain’t drivin’ it again
It’s marked by the wrecks, the big black X
Of those who’ve fallen by the way
I live the pain of two who were slain down the ol’ fast lane

Bridge: Each night I dream the same scene again
We roll down our windows to capture the wind
“Let’s cheat the devil, boys, gun ‘er to the edge...”
‘N never see the sign that reads Dead End Ahead
Should of took the exit, but raced into the curve
The pavement narrows and that’s when we swerve
The tires scream as we spin into the air
I’m thrown clear but the devil wins the dare
So if you’re searchin’ for freedom, lookin’ for a free way
Takin’ every chance, boy, goin’ all the way
Let me tell ya now, brother, ya ain’t never growin’ old
If you stay in the fast lane, it’s a dead-end road