1. Hombre

From the recording Hard West (double CD)

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16) Hombre

Hombre you have nothin’ to believe in
Hombre you ain’t got no home
Angels cry in heaven
Diablo he asks for your soul

Hombre you’re woman lies sleeping
The Rangers wait coiled to strike
Listen El Coyote is calling
Will you ride and escape with your life
Wil you ride to your woman tonight

Hombre you hate more than you love
A hate that lies cursed in your bones
Angels cry in heaven
Your woman cries all alone

Hombre you ride to meet the Rangers
You reach for your pistols ‘n draw
Now the guns are blazing
And now the Rangers they fall

Hombre you ride on with a fever
For one Ranger bullet struck home
The angels cry in heaven
Your woman prays for your soul
Hombre the flesh is but a shadow
The earth is the mother of all
You give your last cry to the wind
In answer to El Coyote’s call