From the recording Hard West (double CD)

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15) Honky Tonk Guitar

I’m a full-moon calf, some swear I’ve lost my reason
Throw back my head ‘n I laugh when laughin’s out of season
Let my fingers pick a bar on my honkytonk guitar

Now my papa told me, “Son, there’s a lowdown feelin’”
And my mama said, “Poor boy, doncha ever take to stealin’”
Then I heard the devil said, “Ain’t no music when you’re dead”

Chorus: I play the honkytonk guitar, old blues in the smoky bars
Play the honkytonk guitar for fast women in their fancy cars
I’s dealt a wild card, born to play the honkytonk guitar
Ba-dala lady, hear that honkytonk guitar...

Now there’s a great black storm out on the horizon
Just as sure as you’re born there’ll come thunder ‘n lightnin’
Let the devil take the farm, I’ll play the honkytonk guitar