From the recording Hard West (double CD)

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7) If Wishes Was Horses / Gene Autry Blues

Chorus: “I wish I’s in the saddle again
“Out where a friend is a friend...”
If wishes was horses and I had my choices
I’d be back in the saddle again

I’ve got a room above the hotel bar
A cute little lady and a black fast-back car
Now we dance, we drinks alotta whiskey
Still I ain’t ever done nothin’ worth a memory
Good Lord, doncha know I shoulda been born long ago
When a man chose his way like he chose his bride
When there weren’t no big roads, the mountains held the gold
Back when you could jump a horse ‘n ride
‘Cause I don’t like airplanes, don’t like big cities
Don’t like cuisine food ‘n your fancy privies
Just can’t keep my mind on these modern ways
I’m a cowboy and I’ve been misplaced

But ya gotta live ‘n ya gotta eat
Still somewhere my dream and my needs don’t meet
Now I don’t really know but if I had my way
Well buddy, we’d be seein’ us a better day
I’d roll back to the sea all the fences ‘n the roads
I’d burn these cities to the ground
I’d let the wild flowers bloom, let the young gals swoom
And the lone coyote be the only sound
And the buffalo would roam again
And the antelope would play again
And you ‘n me, my friend, we’d need brand-new clothes
Made of buckskin so we could jump a horse ‘n go

If wishes was horses and I had my choices
I’d be back in the saddle again...