From the recording It's a Short Life

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4) It’s A Short Life

Born of a woman what had no man
She’d been had in a one-night stand
I called her “Ma,” she called me “Kid”
It never much mattered what I did
Had my first bar-fight in El Dorado
He flashed a knife, I swung a bottle
Come out alright, hey never fear
He got smashed ‘n I jumped clear

Chorus: It’s a short life, it’s a true life
It’s my life...

Married Darlene, I’s 22
She was skinny 15, but she still grew
Had a boy ‘n girl by 17
She turned 20 fat ‘n mean
So I joined the Army to get away
Got a haircut, clothes ‘n a raise in pay
A brand-new Hummer with 4-wheel drive
I toured Iraq, I’m still alive

I’ve had my trouble with alcohol
Easy women and the local law
Got tattooed while doin’ time
Found sweet Jesus and peace of mind
Now I’m back livin’ with my dear Darlene
Our boy ‘n girl are both preteens
I steer ‘em right when they’re doin’ wrong
And wake each day to a country song

‘Stray-dog Ike’ is my call sign
I pay my tolls, I pay my fines
I drive big rigs over-road
Guess over time we all grow old
There ain’t no moral to my tale
I could curse you all or wish you well
Can’t win, break ever or get out alive
It’s a downhill run till the day ya die