1. Jailbreak

From the recording Hard West (double CD)

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5) Jailbreak

Chorus: It’s a lazy day, it’s a lazy night
It’s a lazy summer, babe, it’s a lazy ol’ life
I’d say “Hello, pretty baby”
But you just gonna wave it bye-bye

I came into town like the 5 o’clock train
Smokin’ ‘n a’steamin’ like the main parade
Came to your house, girl, he saw ‘n pulled the shade
Don’t wanna be caught flyin’ high
When I ought to lie down so very low

Smoke ‘n dagger scene on every corner
Chorus gals singin’ their can-can dream
Went into the parlor, waited till they called my name
They said, “You ain’t our baby no more
“So doncha go cryin’ all o’er the floor”

Took a shot of whiskey, turned me inside out
Went to the backroom where they’s playin’ pool
Got hot with the barmaid, she said, “Boy, stay cool
“You been gone so long in jail
“I’d just bend your rusty ol’ nail”