1. Johnny Moore

From the recording Fresh Blood / Old Skin

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3) Johnny Moore – m.litton

Said the old man, “I recall so well
“How the sunlight thru the shaded woods fell
“On the rider of the black-saddled gray
“As his stallion jumped the stream
“A coin fell to my feet
“I bought a candy at the store
“Thanks to the outlaw Johnny Moore...”

Johnny Moore was a’ridin’ south
Johnny Moore had his six-gun out
He was shooting at the riders close behind
Ah but the posse kept a’comin
And though Johnny kept a’ runnin’
They caught him at the border, Johnny Moore

They held his trial in a big hotel
The young widow wore a long black veil
On the Bible she swore and testified
That Johnny twirled her around
In her low-cut gingham gown
Till her husband for Johnny Moore

Chorus: He’s the one with the ready smile
Yes mam, please...drives the daughters wild
Curly hair all the women adore...
Go my son and sin no more
He’s the one they named the Rebels for
Quote the judge “Nevermore...Johnny Moore”

So the seasons they come and go
There fell a gentle ‘n blew a howlin’ snow
From the limb of a tall old sycamore
There dangled a noose where they cut the body loose
And dug a shallow grave for...Johnny Moore

There’s been a century of hard death and birth
Now the satellites circle the old earth
Tonight a coyote cries out on a lonely hill
And as the moon shines thru the trees a young girl has a dream
She wakes up calling for...Johnny Moore