1. Keep It Comin'

From the recording Hard West (double CD)

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14) Keep It Comin’

Heatwaves off the pavement, smog hangs in the air
She enters from the shadows underneath the stairs
There’s garbage in the gutter, she’s clean-cool as polished stone
Walking down the alley like she just stepped from a throne

She’s a hot potato I’d like to hold
A juicy tomato ripe for the soul
Her blue jeans ache with her body’s accent
In her white silk blouse she’s high, tight ‘n cinched

Chorus: Hey baby, you got this boy wantin’ to play
Baby, you got everything comin’
Oh girl, I see ya comin’, everything a’comin’
Oh girl, keep a’comin’, everthing comin’ my way...

Like a switchblade flashin’ forth to tap a viens
Like neon colors runnin’...bleedin’ in the rain
Babe, I got a hunger only you can fill
I’ll take you like a hunter, take you if you will

We’ll laugh at the scene, light up the town
Roll up main street, shut the power down
Dance by the river ‘neath the salsa moon
Let the rock’n roll lambada make our rhythm swoon