1. No Diamonds

From the recording Hard West (double CD)

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19) No Diamonds

Chorus: I don’t send no diamonds, I don’t send no gold
I don’t send no diamons ‘n I don’t send no gold
And I’ll never buy a fur coat to keep you from the cold
Whoa but babe, I love you, I’ll come runnin’ on back home

There are those who compare your beauty to a queen
They see you as some distant one as in some misty dream
Yeah, they can never hold you, they’ll never bar the door
When you see my ship return, girl
When you feel my surf beatin’ on your shore

Now I could never whisper as through a garden wall
For when I get too near to you I wanna howl ‘n call
Like a warrior or a wolf man
Babe, I’m the storm upon your land
Let’s crawl into that river’s moon
And draw its silk about our hot cocoon