From the recording It's a Short Life

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11) Stickhorse Blues

Momma’s got a broom ‘n she’s sweepin’
Daddy’s got a shovel ‘n he’s a’diggin’
But baby’s on a stickhorse...he’s out a’ridin’
I’m a bull-legged bandit, ain’t got a dime
No gas for my car

If you don’t pay your taxes you’re stealin’
From ol’ Uncle Sam while he’s a’sleepin’
Well if you’re ridin’ them ridges
Better burn your bridges a’leavin
So if they come your way they won’t get too far

Hey my old friend Bill he moved too slow
That woman got him married
Now he spends his nights at home
Goes to work every morning, get off half-past four
Lately I hear he’s drinkin’ more ‘n more

Chorus: Got the stickhorse blues...
Got the stickhorse blues, stickhorse blues
I’d like to lose these stickhorse blues
Like to stick these stickhorse blues
Right up, oh Lord, you know whose...

Now I went down to read the job bulletin
Talked with old Easy Fortune
He said, “There’s alotta money these days
“To be made dishwashin’
“Y’ain’t goin’ nowhere, boy, pickin’ that ol’ guitar”

So I’m outa work, ain’t got a dime
My pockets are empty, I laid it all out on a line
Bought a midnight special
Couldn’t make my payment on time
Today I had to hock it just to pay for my crimes