From the recording Between the Wars

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Summer Days Are Long

Little boy tossed a toy hand grenade in the kitchen as we sat sippin’ lemonade
The sun through the west slowly decade, the cattle lolled in the shade
Just another lazy Sunday afternoon, flies a’buzzin’ room to room
Ol’ dog wouldn’t hardly even move from the flower bed when she got the broom
Now she’s fryin’ up the catfish, Lord, I speared in the creek with the potato fork
Horses are fed ‘n all the chores are put away till tomorrow morn

(chorus): And it’s the same ol’ story, gotta disc that field, kill them morning glories
There’s thistles all through the pasture, flood-gate’s gone from the big spring storm
Cattle stray, guess the fences need lookin’ after once again
But then these summer days are long, don’cha know it, boy
These summer days are long, long, long
Summer days, summer days, summer days

Nearly had the bottom plowed, tractor choked, another breakdown
Shot yesterday runnin’ all around, parts won’t come till the bus hits town
Went swimmin’ this morning down below the falls
Where the cedars grow upon the bluff so tall
Where that young man died cuttin’ wood last fall
When a dead limb fell ‘n crushed his skull
Ya know his parents still take it mighty hard
I stopped by the other day in their yard
We spoke leaning up against the car
Time heals all wounds but leaves a scar

Last night I swore it was gonna rain
Woke with the whistle from the northbound train
Thunder ‘n lightnin’ crashed and came, cooled the air then rolled away
Hell, we could use an inch or more ‘n hell could us a revolvin’ door
My wife a new dress from a fancy store, wonder what the use is anymore
When rhe noon-day sun burns your skin ‘n the farm report predicts the end
Might move to the city ‘n start again
But there’s wheat to sow ‘n the hay ain’t in

And it’s the same ol’ story…