1. Sundown

From the recording Hard West (double CD)

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1) Sundown
m.litton (music by m.litton & doc nelson)

Sundown, blood-red sky
Hoedown, give a coyote cry
See my baby, she’s dressed for the show
Like a saddled-up pony rearin’ to go
Now giddy-up, baby, don’t be late
Got the motor runnin’ on a hot V-8
Let’s hit the dance ‘n kick up our heels
Gonna drive the river road to that far range of hills

Chorus: Gonna ride it, girl...gonna roll it, babe
Gonna burn our fire till the ashes lay
We’re Americans, we can’t go slow
We’re Americans, babe, gotta ride ‘n roll

Thigh-bone fiddle and a hickory fire
Dead men chant in an angel choir
Life’s a riddle, it’s anybody’s guess
But only a free man is blessed
I’m a guitar picker and a joker wild
Jump another ditch every country mile
Sing my song and laugh into the wind
Gonna dare that ol’ devil when my road dead-ends

Grandpa drove a Model-A
Daddy drove a Harley ‘n a Ford V-8
Me I race that highway through the night
Till the white line leads to the morning light
From the North Atlantic to the Golden Coast
From the southern clime to where the wind blows cold
Spin the bottle and take another chance
Turn your face to the sky, free your spirit to dance