1. Taco n' Wine

From the recording Hard West (double CD)

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12) Taco ‘n Wine

Went down to Maria’s for a taco ‘n wine
But when I left Maria’s I’s crawlin’ on my knees a’cryin’
Oh Lord, I’s cryin’

She’s a demon lady, her flesh is made of iron
She makes her bed on a spider’s web
I’d had a lot better luck at lovin’ a lion
Yeah, yeah, lovin’ a lion

‘Cause Maria dances in the shadows
Wears them roses in her hair
And any man who tries to hold her
Has gambled a losin’ pair
He’s gambled a losin’ pair

She always said she would love me
Through my darkest hour
But when I cried “I need you, babe…”
She just laughed so loud ‘n called me a coward
Curled back her pretty lips ‘n called me a coward

So I went down to Maria’s for a taco ‘n wine
When I left Maria’s I’s crawlin’ in my knees a’cryin’
Shot her with a gun and left her dyin’
It was a long barreled gun ‘n I left her dyin’

Yeah, Maria died in the shadows
Seen her beauty fade away
Took them roses from her hair
Laid ‘em on her grave
Laid them four roses on her grave

Say my trial just ended, gonna hang for what I did
But I’d rather tide this prison train
Than see that low mean woman live
Than see that sweet, sweet Maria live

I’ll be ridin’ on the cupola of the devil’s caboose
I pray it snows in heaven
And I pray to God the man’s got a slick noose
Yeah, I pray, Lord, Lord, I pray
I pray, Lord, Lord, I pray...