From the recording It's a Short Life

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Daniel Weaverling - lead vocal


15) There Liz A Diamond
m.litton & dave melody

Some say love shines like a diamond
Then melts away with the morning dew
But your love is always where I can find it
Cut from the old rock, tried and true

Chorus: Take a rock and mold into a diamond
Two hearts build a treasure over time
I’ll take all the time you give me
Take your hand and fold it to mine

I’ve hunted gold high up in the mountains
Cut timber by a flowing stream
Built a fire all alone at sunset
Warmed there by your memory

Bridge: In the deepest coal there lies a diamond
In the darkest night a star shines through
There is no grain of time so empty
As the time away from you

If I were lost I’d roam the far desert
Until I found a cactus flower in bloom
I’d reach and gently touch its essence
And in its beauty hold a part of you