1. Victrola Blues

From the recording Fresh Blood / Old Skin

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1) Victrola Blues - m.litton

Chorus: Cat’s got my tongue, dog’s got me treed
Been so damn lonely thought I’d bleed
A’rollin’ down the highway like a needle in a groove
Put my teeth to the wind, gonna sing Victrola blues

My world goes around like a lazy Susan
Home today, tomorrow I’ll move on
Come in a’crawlin’, exit twirlin’ a can
Don’t ever think of winnin’, just in ‘n out of every game

Bridge: So crank me up, boys, I’ll sing Victrola blues
Point me straight ‘n put me in the groove
You pour the whiskey, I’ll tune my fiddle
Then pipe this room plum full of riddles
Little pieces of the puzzle come awake most every night
Gonna sing Victrola, Victrola blues
Sing Victrola, Victrola blues
I wanna sing, yeah, sing them blues
Wanna sing, Lordy, sing them blues
Put my teeth to the wind ‘n sing Victrola blues...

I been kickin’ cans ‘n spittin’ nails
Bendin’ steel ‘;n ridin’ the rails
Been ballin’ the jack ‘n slippin’ nearly every noose
Been cuttin’ ‘er wide, shootin’-the-moon on a deuce