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Lullaby of Faris Jordan (Disc1-Chance)

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1) Lullaby of Faris Jordan - m.litton

I knew an old man, he lived by the clock
He never spent a dime or gave a damn
In twenty-four days he saw the sun set once
Cuz his clock only had on big hand
Now I ain’t so clever, ain’t had much school
But I know the man he was a damn fool

Chorus: Let’s take a holiday beneath the moon
Let’s give a new friend some old wine
You know the rules, you’ve got ‘em down
Either you’re dead or you’re alive
So let the rivers rise, pick your melons ripe
And paint your steamboats white

I drink a hundred-proof in memory
Of the night I’s married down in Tennessee
And Farris Jordan of Kentucky
Wed brown-eyed Alice of Missouri
And my Alice said just the other day
Better knock on wood when you pray

Last night I dreamed of my gran-daddy’s mules
It’s been years since I thought of that pair
So I’m takin’ my family to the Smokey Hills
Though there ain’t much money down there
But come the spring we’re gonna hit the road
North to Maine or west to Idaho…

I’ve always been in love, my friend
I like old wine, oh yes I do
Though it’s crossed my mind that my lullaby
Might be another man’s blues
But I’ve taken a look down that long ol’ track
And I don’t see any goin’ back