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Nothin' Ain't Tryin'

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3) Nothin’ Aint Tryin’ - m.litton

Well bless my soul it’s a rodeo, let’s get a horse ‘n go ridin’
Ain’t no sense in duckin’ down, ain’t a bit of use in hidin’
Pheasants fly and the hounds give chase, bawling thru the milo
Edith is her ma’s disgrace, she don’t wear no halo
I got a bullwhip, Danny got a gun, Johnny got a brand new saddle
And if you paint that Kansas sky, best use a brush made of sable

Chorus: Whoo-pee! Kansas City!
Got a haircut ‘n got a boot shine
I’m goin’ out dancin’ with a red-light queen
Gonna get a little loaded on the wine
Some get nothin’ but nothin’ ain’t tryin’

I’s raised up in a Kansas town, buried my daddy in the Kansas ground
Me ‘n my friends are hard-luck boys, spin our gold when the moon gets round
We whacked weed in ’76, our long knives sang all summer
Dried them leaves ‘n stacked them bricks, our wolves really howled that winter
Now you get a gunny sack, I’ll take a drive, big Bill sharpen all them knives
We gonna have us a harvest night, gotta make the money to do ‘n die

Some they like their fresh popcorn, me I love them crisp ol’ maids
Wash my body in a thunderstorm, drink my whiskey in the summer shade
I’m gonna die just cus I’s born, ya can’t outrun that shadow
Chase your tail ‘n curse the moon, drown like a fly in a bottle
When that ol’ road cries out “Dead end!” most go to sleep in the evenin’
But I’ll live by the sword, gonna lose my blood
Lord, I’m goin’ out white-lightnin’

Believe I’ll go on down to Georgia
Learn to make that ol’ moonshine
Gonna make whoopee with Gloria
Gonna pick a little fruit off the vine
Some get nothin’ but notin’ ain’t tryin’

My grandpa came from Tennessee
Here, spend a nickel, spend a dime
And I’m a shoot off the Rebel tree
Spend a nickel, spend a dime
Some get nothin’ but nothing ain’t tryin’