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Jack o' Diamonds

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4) Jack o’ Diamonds - m.litton

Chorus: Jack o’ Diamonds, the skeleton clown
He cries so loud, “I need one more card!
“I need the joker wild!”

Half the night he’s stayed his hand
Sober at the dealing
Sober like the shadows webbed
To the closet and the ceiling
Jack o’ Diamonds, the anguished smile
His eyes are taut and deceiving
He’ll spin more copper of your gold
More doubt from your believing

His silk-top hat’s moth-eaten now
As he leads you half a dollar
For the winter moon he’d give his life
His hand for your lovely daughter
Jack o’ diamonds has missed his aim
His dice spin off the table
For the sacred seven he counts to twelve
But his tears are mere fable

A bolted door shuts out the night
There’s a full-house in the ante
Asleep the children dream no dreams
For the father spoke no history
Jack o’ Diamonds is screaming now
“Here you bastard call me!
“I’ll have your heart, your love, your life
“I’ll have all that’s holy!”

But the trump was heart in this gambled hand
And as the good queen stole across his face
The clown had lost to the man
Jack o’ Diamonds is leaving now
But he says, “Tomorrow’s another day
“Watch it you don’t lose your life
“When the Queen of Spades comes to play”