1. Momma's Song

From the recording Bare Bones

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Momma's Song

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5) Momma’s Song - m.litton

I’ve been a’fightin’ it, ain’t denyin’ it
Makin’ waves where seas are calm
I’m the kinda guy that makes his mamma cry
Everything I do is wrong
So Momma why do you even try to help me carry on

Chorus: Take my picture off the mantel
Throw it in the fire
Get my suitcase out from behind the couch
And send your love by wire

Swear I wasn’t born to plant no corn
Nor mow the meadow hay
And I’ll never plow no matter how
Much the landlord pays
He beat my father down into the ground
Into a dirty tenant grave

I’m headed straight down the interstate
I’ll take the highway to the sea
Gonna ride them rails until I sail
Through that drifter’s dream
And if I fail, Momma, don’t ever tell ‘em
No, that you cried for me