1. Ten Years Ago

From the recording Bare Bones

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Ten Years Ago

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6) Ten Years Ago Today - m.litton

Ten years ago today we walked along the shore
Not knowing as we shared our dreams
What life would have in store
As the dark clouds gathered round, blocking out the sun
You took my hand in yours, girl
You said, “We’ll walk as one…”

Chorus: We must abide the seasons,
To each day bid adieu
And the time will come when we will reach
A path that’ll lead us through…
And ten years aren’t near enough
A hundred would not do
But as long as we’re a’livin’
I’ll want ten more years with you

And I would be the kind of man
Who’d give the world his all
For ten long years you’ve watched me climb
And now you’ve seen me fall
That fortune wheel can spin you up
And it can take you down
But as l long as it’s a’spinnin’, babe
Good fortune may be found