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That Ol' Night Train

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7) That Ol’ Night Train - m.litton

Down ‘n out one moonlit night, a’runnin’ from a gun
I crossed the county on the chance I’d catch a night train run
Swam the muddy river, waded the slough
Up beyond the willows where the water hemlock grew

That ol’ Night Train thundered from the sky
The ol’ Night Train wore the moon’s disguise
The engineer was named Mister Nibbs
And as his devil whistle wailed
He said, “You can ride if you sign your soul to hell”

He carried the evil freight of our dreadful times
Many a soul I had known
I saw my father manning the tender car
And as he fed that fire with bones
He said, “Son, don’t ride
“You must heed these words I moan…

Chorus: “That ol’ Night Train, hear it’s engine roar
“That ol’ Night Train, calling all aboard
“Those who ride this train are cursed forever
“And will burn…”

Heard the bloodhounds on my trail ‘n terror filled my soul
The question flashed into my mind to answer yes or no
“Get behind me Satan!” I fell to my knees
And prayed to God in heaven, “Have mercy one me…”

That ol’ Night Train rides the rail of sin
That ol’ Night Train, its journey never ends
Ol’ Mister Nibbs, he just laughed ‘n said
“Well if you ever change your mind
“Just remember, boy, I make this run each night”

The morning sun warmed my pale and weary arms
As they cuffed my hands in chains
Deep in my heart I knew I was free at last
When that black Maria came
For back down to hell went the Devil’s ol’ Night Train