1. Whistle Bird

From the recording Bare Bones

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Whistle Bird

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14) Whistle Bird - m.litton

I’m goin’ down the road again
If I return then I’m your friend
And babe, that’s all you need to know
Cuz I’ve heard the whistle bird
A’singin’ songs without no words
Like a dry rain fallin’ o’er the snow

Chorus: Strike a note of thunder if you’re bored
Shake a bolt of lightning at the Lord
Now he just might damn your mortal soul, well burn!
Cuz don’cha know the devil’s dust is just as good as gold

Have you heard about Puss ‘n Boots
He ain’t got no gun to shoot
The women drank his whiskey, the Feds burned all his pay
Light the light for Felix the cat, give me back my cowboy hat
Give the witch a broom ‘n give the night to the day

(Extra verse): I always wanted to fly a kite
And I always wanted to win one fight
Yet here I sit just as bloody as the day I’s born
But the sun knows the sky is blue
Like I know that I love you
Like the wheat loves the barley ‘n barley loves the corn

(Bonus verse): Floatin’ down the river one day
What I spied was a brand-new grave
And I heard a’laughin’ a jolly “Ho-Ho-Ho!”
Well you can guess at my surprise
What I saw before my eyes
Was a daddy ghost jumpin’ on a mamma soul
And he said…(chorus)