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Minstrel Man (Disc2-Folly)

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1) Minstrel Man - m.litton

Chorus: I’m a minstrel man and I travel thru this land
And I’ve never done my brother any wrong
I will sing for the sun, sing for anyone
For the devil if he wants to hear my song

Through the deepest woods I will ride alone
Where the bandits hide by the narrow road
And I who have no gold have a song to make them laugh
They’ll call me “Friend” and let me pass

On the battlefields behind their halberds and their shields
Stand the hearts that are longing to be home
I’ll compose a rhyme for the ones they left behind
Of the region they nevermore may roam

Along a castle wall, through the city gate
I will ride to the square with my song to trade
For the lion-hearted king I will sing a spritely air
He’s a prisoner of the lion’s lair

And my only peace in this gypsy world
Are the nights I’ve stayed with some dancing girl
But love bears a saddle girthed about the heart
And I never let her ride me very far

On the bitter plain where the peasants harvest grain
As the grim-reaper stalks about their door
I will sing a hymn that their misery may end
When the Lord comes to gather in the poor

Through the summer rain and the winter snow
I will seek the song that may bring me home
But each soul wears a crown of thorn’s
Each must live the fate to which he’s born