Script from the Old Skin:

Just a heads-up to introduce our new website along with the release of our 5th album (to be delivered Monday, Nov. 23, 2015), a double disc titled Fresh Blood/Old Skin.  We’ve spent the better part of the past two years in this 27-song effort – all greatly inspired by our 9th, and last, bass player, Hugh Campbell, a young man of proud Navajo heritage and stout Scottish name.  No stranger to borders, child of the desert Southwest come to age in River City (Lawrence), Kansas, he moves like a SkinWalker between cultures, time, and place to bring an intriguing mix of power, passion, and tender yearning in his songs.  With us now for nearly three years, give him a listen and I think you’ll see why we were pleased to add his fresh blood to our old skin.  The first disc, Fresh Blood, is all Hugh (except “Desperado Hair” in which I had a hand) – on the second disc, Old Skin, you’ll find my blend of roots-rock, alt-country, and blues.  Needless to say, I think Hugh is an exceptional talent, and I only hope that his time with The Border Band provides a springboard to a greater stage so that the whole world may one day enjoy his music.

Also I wish to mention our video, “Hombre” (first released in 2008), filmed and edited by Alec Joler, another young man of fine talent.  “Hombre” is not your typical band video, in fact the band only appears now and then, in glimpses, like a Greek chorus in the Old West.  In truth, “Hombre” presents a surreal 4-minute Western, replete with a fleshy woman (in repose and prayer), as well as an animated gunfight – a trigger-warning here: they do pull the trigger, and heads do explode.  So be advised…then view and be amazed!

Finally, beyond song-making, I write novels.  One, I Joaquin, a fictional memoir based on el famoso of the California Gold Rush, Joaquin Murrieta, has been available on Amazon Kindle since July 4th, 2014 – with paperback and audio soon to come, all from Crossroad Press.  Also, Geminga, a magical-real tale of a talking raven and a sentient snake, both ex-assassins from Peru’s Sendero Luminoso, will be coming out in early 2016.

So, if you’re reading this, I thank you for your interest, hope you enjoy our website – pics, music, and video – with the further hope that you may purchase some of our songs, CDs, and/or novels.  In any case, we thank you for dropping in and wish you the best…

 M.Litton & The Border Band